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Social media marketing myths you should stop believing in 2022

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Although most companies realize that marketing on social media platforms is important, many still have no idea what they should be focusing on. Unfortunately, there are many rumors and half-truths floating around that only add to the confusion. In this article, we will take a look at which social media marketing myths you should stop believing in 2022.

1. Targeting the social media platform and not the users

We will start our list with the most common mistake companies make when marketing on social media. Unfortunately, you can’t just target the platform itself with ads, since that can give you diminishing returns. Instead of just selecting Facebook (or any other major social platform) to run ads on, you should start by doing some research. Find out where the users you are interested in spend their time online and which social media platforms they frequent. Different social networks will have their own ways of delivering ads to users. Another thing to consider is what your target demographic is interested in and how they interact with the platform. Therefore, you should center your marketing campaign on the users, not the social network.

2. Quantity is important

You’ve probably heard someone claim that, to run a successful marketing campaign on social media, you need to post frequently. While this one isn’t exactly a myth and quantity genuinely is important, if that statement is taken as an absolute, it could cause you to focus on the wrong things. Striving for more posts isn’t good if you neglect the quality of your posts. We’ve seen too many companies reading a guide on the topic of social media marketing and then treating it like a quota they have to meet.

In the race to create the ‘required’ number of posts, companies will just start spamming empty and hollow posts that don’t resonate with their audience. Many businesses lose themselves in the constant rat race and forget what actually makes them authentic. Remaining true to yourself and focusing on quality is the best way to stand out on social media.

Stop believing in social media marketing myths and post quality content to your channels.
Quality content will do much more for your business than any other social media marketing myth.

3. Thinking it’s all about the numbers

The next myth we’re going after is a direct continuation of the previous one. Although the number of posts is just one goal you can set for your marketing, most campaigns will revolve around some number or metric. However, going after an intangible number that doesn’t help boost your bottom line is one of the more common social media marketing myths you should stop believing in 2022. Most companies tend to forget that the main strength of social networks lies in their ability to engage users. You can use your marketing to increase the interaction users have with your brand. Social media engagement is the best way to increase your following and create a lasting relationship with your audience.

4. Being everywhere

Having a presence on multiple social media networks is important, but only if you manage to do something with it. Creating accounts on several platforms and then leaving them inactive because you can’t be everywhere at once doesn’t really help your company. Instead, you should focus on one or two social media platforms whose users overlap with your target demographic. This approach will ensure that you are marketing to the most receptive audience, giving you the biggest bang for your buck.

Multiple people using phones in public.
You are bound to face some negativity; it’s up to you how you choose to deal with it.

5. Haters gonna hate

Out of all the social media marketing myths you should stop believing in 2022, thinking that some people will dislike you and there's nothing you can do about it probably takes the cake. Obviously, not everyone will like your company or your marketing; that part is true. However, not dealing with negative reviews and comments can be incredibly detrimental, especially for small businesses.

Most users will look at reviews if they are indecisive about making their purchase. Thus, leaving bad reviews unanswered can lead to lost sales. You should always respond to your customers' complaints and resolve their issues. This will show users that you listen to them and care about their opinions. Constructively reacting to negativity can build confidence in your brand, which is helpful for any business. It's always smart to keep your ear to the ground and track the reputation of your business.

6. Thinking you can’t accurately measure marketing on social media

It's very common for those inexperienced in social media marketing to get lost in the data. Realistically, there is far too much data available, and it's impossible to sift through everything. You could easily be looking at the wrong metrics for your specific campaign goals. This doesn't mean you should feel bad; internet marketing is complicated, and sometimes the data you need can be obfuscated by social media platforms.

Another common scenario is that you could be misled by an amateur marketing agency that is trying to upsell its services. Thankfully, there are numerous digital tools available that can help you track your marketing. However, the best course of action is to only work with trusted marketing professionals with an established reputation.

Girls taking a video on their phone to post on social media.
Newer platforms like TikTok and Snapchat grew incredibly quickly into dominant forces in the social media landscape.

7. Neglecting smaller social media platforms

By now, most people realize that social networks aren't going anywhere. Yet, there are still deniers who will try to convince you that marketing on social media is just a trend. On the other hand, there are numerous examples of small platforms that exploded overnight and are now major players on the market.

Waiting until a social media platform is proven can cause you to fall behind the competition. Don't wait for those resources to be tapped out before you jump on the bandwagon. Branch out and get familiar with what's out there. Smaller platforms are also great for experimenting and trying out different approaches to your marketing.

The bottom line

The underlying point is that there are a lot of social media marketing myths you should stop believing in 2022. Don't take anything at face value and do your research. By now, social networks have been around for a long time, and there are numerous proven ways to advertise your brand and your products.



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