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Reputation Management Services – A Constant Watch on Business Relations

If we want to progress upwards the profession hierarchy in corporate world, we have to keep an eye on how our work shows up and what people think about us. Progressing upwards inthe corporate world, takes listening to what people are saying about our products or services.

Are you aware of what people especially your customers say about your company? Are they truly satisfied with your services or are there some grievances to be dealt with? Do you check your company’s social mentions constantly? Do you address the negative reviews and comments, solving the problems that your audience is facing, bringing the solutions your customers must be wondering about? Do you thank those customers who loyally stick to your services?

If your answer to most of the above daunting questions is yes, then we appreciate you for you are accomplishing a great challenge!

It is indispensable to monitor what people out there are saying about your company, your products and services and your staff. And it’s a regular task!

You must be wondering, why so much stress about online reputation? Well, here is why:

Why keeping a tab on your online reputation is important

Building a solid and authentic company reputation takes time, effort and finance; however, it can be all destroyed in just a couple of hours.

In a world that is governed by internet, nothing remains secret. In such situations, where people are attentive 24 x 7, negativity can spread like fire in a forest. Any review or comment whether it is positive or negative can be known to millions of people just within two minutes and that impacts how people view your business.

Did you know?

Survey result from states: Nearly 83% of consumers accept that their perceptions about companies are greatly affected even altered by reading online reviews. In the same wavelength, 80% report that their purchasing decision has been, at many times impacted by reading negative online comment, leading them to choose other brand over the one which is criticized.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management means maintaining your company’s reputation in the world and creating an impression of a good brand to people. It involves:

Monitoring your company’s online reputation

Addressing the people’s complaints, handling negatives attitudes and responding to their grievances towards your business

Watching important industry websites (not just your company; it includes your competitors also!)

Tracking key employee mentions

Real time social mentions and sentiment attached

Reputation Management Services

LiveWebMedia is an advanced web and interactive media agency which has earned reputation for its innovative and out-of-box Reputation Management Services Los Angeles. We believe that every business is an outcome of creative potential and a manifestation of a pure intention of benefiting human kind, and so, this creation should be given high regards.

As the first step in Reputation Management, we strive to protect your reputation from getting tarnished by not-so-good opinions of people and the ill deeds of your rivals.

The power of social media to build and unmake brand is potent, efficacious and irreversible. So, keeping a regular check on the inflow and outflow of information and communication between company and the audience is the most crucial aspect.

It is necessary to monitor mentions about your company’s certain employees and especially senior staff. We also analyse the social media buzz around your company noticing the sentiment reining it.

It’s your right to have strong relationships around your business. Therefore, we focus on developing networking with the right people so that it makes your brand much more strong, authentic and responsive.

Let’s work together building a brand that is loved and honored by people towards making a better world with better services…



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