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Designing a Website That Can Scale More Easily

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

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As a business owner and web entrepreneur, designing a website that serves your needs and is engaging to your visitors can be challenging. But there are several things you can do to make the process easier and overcome growing pains while trying to scale up and attract more visitors.


The first impression visitors will get from your website is on the very first screen or landing page. Presentation and navigability, including on-brand graphics and an easy-to-learn, easy-to-navigate user interface (UI), ensure the site retains the attention of your target audience. Plus, a visually appealing design can bolster your brand reputation.

SEO Is Essential

If you want visitors to find your website, you’ll need to integrate keywords that make it easier for search engines to find and rank your content by using search engine optimization (SEO) methods. For instance, if you want more traffic from locals, adding keywords about your location or local attractions can serve to boost your rankings in the corresponding geographic area. There are many SEO tools available to simplify this process. For instance, you can use Google’s Keyword Planner tool for suggestions that will make your content more relevant to it and other search engines.

Website Infrastructure

Your website should be user-friendly and accessible to your target audience. It's more important than ever that your website is easy to read and use on a range of devices, especially mobile devices. The layout of your website, its responsiveness, and the functionality of integrated programs will impact its popularity with visitors. Well-designed infrastructure is also easy to expand and scale as your traffic grows and you decide to add more content.

Your website should also be able to securely accept customer payments for your products or services. When you have access to financial API bank account balance information, your customers can avoid overdraft fees if they don’t have the funds to pay you.

Site Performance

Bringing in a professional web developer or contracting an outside company is usually a smart move. Your website’s functionality is a big aspect of its ability to retain an audience and perform well on search engine rankings. A slow website can cause you to lose sales and diminish trust in your brand.

Increase Conversions

Many aspects of your website, from its content to its user-friendliness to its performance, affect its ability to complete conversions, which means you’re turning people who are simply visiting your site into customers. The end goal, of course, is to attract buyers and turn them into repeat customers. You can also recruit an internet marketing expert to advise you on the content of your site, its layout, and other factors that impact the likelihood of converting visitors to customers by influencing them on a psychological level.

Efficient CRM Tools

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools help create positive experiences for your customers and perpetuate your business relationships. Data gathered by these tools should be integrated into your enterprise resource planning platforms to make it as easy as possible to use this data to inform changes in supply chain operations and other ongoing business functions. Good CRM tools bring you closer to your customers, and without them, you may be leaving potential profit on the table.

A Strong Website Needs a Strong Foundation

If you want your website to grow, you’ll need to make sure that it’s well-designed and features CRM tools and an enterprise resource planning platform. Maintain effective SEO practices and make sure your site is performing optimally to attract and retain interested users.

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