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Opening A Post-COVID Business Starts With A Plan

Image via Pexels

Are you looking into starting a business as the COVID crisis comes to an end? Many up-and-coming entrepreneurs have decided that now is the time to make moves to prevent future job losses caused by an unexpected crisis. Today marks the beginning of a new adventure. However, it’s one you need to plan out before you jump headfirst into working for yourself. Brought to you by LiveWebMedia, here are a few tips on how to lay the groundwork before you hang your “Now Open” sign.


Marketing is the process of making sure your business is known to your future potential customers. And today that means going online. Depending on your industry, your strategies may be different; however, all businesses will benefit from a positive online presence. If you don’t know where to begin with your marketing campaign, reach out to LiveWebMedia to help take your business to another level.

Employee Recruitment and Retention

Even if you plan to start solo, you still have to have a plan in place to recruit employees. Write a description for yourself of your ideal employee. Then, start researching different job boards; some typically target full-time workers. Remote job platforms tend to attract dedicated freelancers. Work Design Magazine also suggests offering a benefits package and great amenities.

Another way to keep your staff happy is to utilize a payroll app that offers same-day direct deposits. This will help ensure that no one’s money arrives late since your payroll is automatically scheduled. An optimal online payroll platform also offers automatic calculating and tax filing right from your smartphone. Look for a payroll service that offers apps for mobile payroll options that you can use while on-the-go whether you have an Apple or Android phone.

Customer Service

While customer service sounds simple on the surface, it’s probably more involved than you give it credit for. Sure, you have to respond to customer inquiries quickly and with a positive attitude. But your customers also want more. From website content tailored specifically to their demographic to online chat and having a live person answer when they call (make sure to provide customer support reps with quality headsets for distraction-free communication with customers), customers today are more demanding than ever.

If you’ve never been a people person or you think your customer service skills may be lacking, plan to take a few customer service courses online. You can find programs through sites like Alison, or, if you want to make it fun for yourself and your employees, look into on-demand customer service courses through Disney.

Inventory Management

If your business is centered around selling a product or products to customers, then you’ll most likely need to keep an inventory on hand. If so, you need software that can help you manage your inventory so you don’t overstock or deplete your supply. Inventory management software can help you keep up with your products and can help with reporting, sales, and time-tracking.

Quick Tips

In addition to the above, keep these thinking points in mind:

  • Write a business plan. Even if it’s not formal, your business plan works as a guide that you can follow straight toward success.

  • Know your niche. Casting a wide net doesn’t work for all businesses. Know your products, services and who, specifically, wants to buy them.

  • Start slowly. Even the world’s biggest companies started out doing one thing right. Don’t jump headfirst until you’ve gotten your bearings.

Starting a business now might sound like a scary prospect. However, even more alarming is how many jobs were lost at the start of the pandemic. Draft your own plan for success now, and your post-COVID business will likely keep you afloat during the next unexpected crisis.



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