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Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development for the IOS and Android devices.

Why Go Mobile?

We don’t want companies to have apps just so they can say that they have an app. We make apps for companies to enhance their customers’ experiences. Mobile apps not only make consumers’ lives easier, but they can also significantly help the firm. A mobile platform allows companies to communicate with 2.4 billion people in the world. In addition to the activity they do in app and the purchases they make, consumers provide very important information to companies: data. In a time where information is everything, the collection of data and the decision making made are paramount. So when you decide to look at your mobile friendly website and think that it’s good enough, think again.

Why is Not Enough?

Yay! You made an app! But wait. Look around and you realize that you are just a bucket of water in an entire ocean of apps. Mobile application market is not new anymore, rather its at its peak with more than 7 million apps in Android and iOS stores. It has already become almost a necessity being the best means to get revenues, simplify processes and reach target users. So you need to make sure that your app stand out of the crowd. Marketing and Advertising your app is perhaps the most important aspect of mobile app life cycle. After all you want people to know the address of the beautiful house you just built. Right?

Why Wve LiveWebMedia?

We know exactly how it feels to be in your place. We wanted to make apps. And we hired development companies. LiveWebMedia was started with the mission to create high quality apps that matter to you, to us, and to the users. And we don’t stop there, as we know it is not enough. LiveWebMedia provides the fastest end-to-end mobile app solutions at the most affordable rates. From idea generation to marketing, we ride the ride with you the whole way.

We develop For both IOS and Google Play Store.



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