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How to successfully market a new website

A person holding a tablet showing multiple strategies to successfully market a new website
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Your website is finally complete, and it's time to go live with it! But, how do you do it? What is the best way to successfully market a new website? If we consider the competition and the ever-changing website technology, it does not come as a surprise that a substantial number of websites struggle with staying at the top of the search results. Nevertheless, there are efficient ways to market a website, which we want to talk about today. This guide will show you how to approach this process and get the best out of it!

Work on your SEO

It goes without saying that SEO is the most critical element of any website. No matter how good a website looks, it will not do well if it's not up to date with the latest SEO standards. This is especially true for new websites that still have to gain attention and attract visitors.

If you are not educated on the matter of SEO, it is best to speak with a specialized SEO company. They will examine your code and make sure all of the SEO requirements are met.

One thing to know about SEO is that it splits into two main categories:

  • on-page SEO;

  • off-page SEO;

While on-page SEO deals with everything located on your website, off-page SEO includes any action taken outside your website.

Social media platforms

The next best strategy to market your website is to use social media platforms. It is much easier to get thousands of subscribers on social media than to wait for people to find your website. However, if you advertise your website on social media platforms, many of your followers will become website visitors.

A phone over a PC keyboard, showing different icons of social media platforms
Social media platforms are the perfect tool for advertising a new website.

This is a very simple marketing strategy, but it does require a lot of work. You need to invest in social media marketing and create a base of followers. The good thing is that websites and social media work well together. For example, running a blog and posting shareable content is the most efficient way to engage your followers to directly advertise your website. They will read an article, and if they like it, they will share it on their social media profile. All of their friends will see it and potentially visit your website. That's how you build an audience and increase business visibility.

Run a blog

Blogging is a very lucrative business today, even on its own. A substantial number of writers earn good money running a blog or working as guest bloggers.

We already mentioned how you could combine your website with social media and create shareable content. If you currently don't have many followers, you can share posts on your own social media account.

The point of a blog is to offer free information to your readers. But, it is also a means of advertising your website and any products or services you offer. For example, if someone wants to purchase a PC, they will look for useful guides on finding the right parts and creating a configuration for the budget they have. If you sell computer parts, you can create a guide for building the most affordable PC configuration and advertise your website as an online shop.

This is just an example, but you can use the same principle and apply it to whatever you are selling on your website.

Guest blogging

Another idea is to work as a guest blogger. If you have a talent for writing, you can write articles for other blogs. As a reward, website owners might allow you to include a link leading to your website. Just have in mind that overly advertising yourself and being too promotional is not something that works. You need to do it seamlessly and with purpose. Adding a link to a piece without any context is not something other websites want to see. The same applies to you; if you hire guest bloggers to write for you, make sure that all links are well placed.

A person typing on a PC keyboard
Running a blog or working as a guest blogger is an excellent opportunity to market your website.

Advertise your website on forums

If you visit a forum like Reddit, you will see that it has many subreddits (subforums) for any given topic you can think of. Some allow promotional content, and some don't.

Research the most successful forums dedicated to your line of work, and speak with the forum owner. Tell them you have a website and ask if there is a way you can advertise it.

Another thing to understand is that a forum owner usually does not want to create an environment where their readers are forced to buy something. The primary idea is to share information and help people. When speaking with them, have that in mind, and see how you can advertise your website without being too promotional. If your website has a blog, maybe you can link to it as a source of free information.

E-mail marketing

Good old e-mail marketing is always worth trying, especially if you are starting. It won't cost you much to set up an automated e-mail system and use it to introduce your business and your website to potential clients. However, it all revolves around content.

Focus on creating valuable content, and all forms of advertising will bring results.

How to track website visits and tweak your marketing strategy

No matter how many strategies you use, it is crucial to know if they are giving any results. The best way to check is to use a tracking tool to monitor traffic with ease. It will tell you exactly where the visits are coming from and what pages are most popular. Furthermore, you can create a small pop-up and ask visitors how they heard about you. Just don't be too pushy, or you might push them away. It is crucial to find a balance between advertising and spamming.

A woman looking at website statistics on a laptop
The best way to verify if your website marketing is successful is to track website traffic using SEO tools.

That's how to successfully market a new website!

All of these approaches will help you successfully market a new website. However, keep in mind that they all require time, energy, and a lot of effort. Start slowly and create reachable goals. It is essential to develop a step-by-step plan and not rush anything. Organic traffic increase does not happen overnight.

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Chelda Kevorkian
Chelda Kevorkian
Sep 30, 2021

Amazing Article. More and more busi are starting to realize the importent steps that need to be taken in order to run a successful business

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