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Cross-posting is a no-no, do this instead

Welcome to your ninth bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. You have probably heard how important post formatting is, as well as +mentioning sources. It’s part of the best practices culture here on Google+, and also boosts your visibility and credibility on the platform.

When you pre-write posts to schedule using third party tools, you can pre-write using your *bold* _italics_ and -strikethrough- formatting but you can’t +mention people. Until you learn this trick:

  1. Go to the profile of the user you want to +mention (or just find them in a comment).

  2. Right/Option click on their name in a post or comment, then select “Copy link address”.

  3. Paste the link into where you are writing your Google+ post, you will see a full URL with numbers (along with the numbers for your business page), like this: /b/104602723185111994185/116266498226740184904

  4. Strip out everything but the string of numbers I’ve marked in red, this is the user’s ID.

  5. Add a + symbol before the numbers like this: +116266498226740184904 and it will automagically turn into a +mention of them when you publish the post. Better yet, they will get a notification that you mentioned them. Try that one, you’ll be mentioning +Steady Demand in your post!

Pro tip: keep a list of +id’s stored somewhere of people you commonly mention, like your blog contributors or brand advocates.

Our final tip is about tools you can use to help grow your Google+ page. Stay tuned, and let me know if you have any questions!

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