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It’s all fun & games until your boss makes you prove ROI

Welcome to your eighth bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. Have these been helpful so far? Hit reply to let me know.

If posting as a page or profile (tip 1) was the most-asked question among business owners on Google+, tracking ROI is the second. You should look past traffic and sales for ROI, and focus on these metrics instead:

  1. Mentions and shares of your content by other people

  2. Overall engagement (+1’s, comments, shares) and follower growth

  3. Sustained engagement even if you pull back on your posts

  4. Changes in organic queries (via Google Webmaster Tools)

Pro tip: you can track traffic by adding campaign tracking to your Google Analytics and share a shortened URL to your content/blog posts when sharing on Google+. Combine that with goals in your Analytics and you can trace real ROI activity from G+. But again, don’t let that be the primary factor for building an engaged following.

Next up, a really awesome tip about scheduling posts that still lets you +mention people. Stay tuned!

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