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What's the value of Google+ Communities?

Welcome to your sixth bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. I moderate communities on Google+ whose memberships exceed 200K. I know a thing or two about communities, especially how companies can use them for their advantage.

Building your own community takes time and work, unless you are using Google+ communities privately (for example, a beta tester group). Instead, think about how you can share your expertise with other community members through commenting and building rapport, which ultimately leads to those members adding you to their regular circles and extending the relationship outside the community.

That should be your goal, not to prospect or pitch. And building rapport first is the basis for all networking isn’t it? Would you enter a conference and start shilling without warming up to anyone first and proving how valuable you are to the crowd? Of course not, communities on Google+ are no different.

Remember, it’s about them, the members, and the value you can offer them through your expertise. The more engaged your are in communities, the more likely your follower base will grow.

Next up, a tip about core circles every business should have. Stay tuned, and let me know if you have any questions!

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