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Three to five posts per day seems to be the sweet spot

Hi again ALEN! Welcome to your third bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. Based on our experience, 3-5 posts per day by company pages seems to be the sweet spot for discovery, visibility, and engagement. That said, posting is only a start; you need to bring people to your conversations through sharing, mentioning, and commenting. We’ll get into these in subsequent posts.

Do this everyday as a baseline posting strategy:

  1. Share 1-2 pieces of your own content to your page.

  2. Reshare someone else’s Google+ post into a relevant community, along with why you thought it was useful to that community’s members. Ask a question in your introduction to spark conversation, and remember to +mention the person who originally shared it.

  3. Reshare someone else’s Google+ post to your page, remember to +mention them and add some insight on why you thought it was relevant. Also leave a comment on the original post so that person’s audience sees you are interested.

  4. Share an industry article from outside Google+ to your page. If you can find the author on Google+, be sure to +mention them, too

Pro tip: Proper post formatting and 3-5 hashtags are critical. Here’s one of our favorite resources for how to format your Google+ post.

Posting is just the start for being follow-worthy, the next tip is about engaging. Stay tuned, and let me know if you have any questions!


Ben Fisher

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