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G+ Page Manager Tip 1: Why post as your page in the first place?

Welcome to your first bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. I moderate one of the largest communities on Google Plus dedicated to businesses, and we field this question a ton, so it had to be our first tip for you:

“It seems easier to get traction on my profile than my company page, so how do I balance the two?”

The answer comes down to three words: Subject Matter Authority. People follow your profile for different reasons, but they follow your business because they are interested in the topics you post about.

So, if you focus your company’s entire Google+ presence around connecting with people who are interested in your company’s area of expertise, you build strong semantic ties to those topics which will build more engagement and visibility over time.

Pro tip: Post all your company content to your company page first, properly formatted with relevant hashtags and +mentions (if needed), then have your team share that post to their personal profiles (usually with a short note about why they’re sharing it). If the post gets reshared by someone else, the original is the one that they reshare, meaning more visibility for your company page to an extended network. Be sure to go back to those reshares and comment as your company page too, the more visibility you give your page, the easier it will be for people to connect with your brand on Google Plus.

Tomorrow, a tip about using your About section to generate leads and grow your follower base. Stay tuned, and let me know if you have any questions!


Ben Fisher

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