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DOWNGRADING TO GET MORE SERVICE - How To Handle The “Nickel and Dimer”.

If you are in the internet business, you already know how hard it is to compete with other companies as well as maintaining your clientele. You also know that clients are a priority when it comes to servicing them.

Unfortunately, Every so often you have that one customer than needs a little more than what you offer. “Can I get more service for less?” Yes ladies and gents, the nickel and dimer. They want you to give that last bit of blood that you’ve already donated. They get a bundle of free services you offer, extra things that are out of your company’s budget just to make them happy. I.E. 20 key words for $1.00 figuratively speaking.

If you are a business owner, and know the ins and outs of business, you already know how it feels when someone wants to “down grade to a lower plan” when you already know you are giving away your services. So what do you do?

The ideal plan would be to tell the customer to pack their bags because they are already sucking you dry. They wouldn’t like it if people were doing it to them, so why would you allow them to do it to you? The best business savvy is to work with them to let them know there is nothing lower than ground zero. Give them the original pricing plan that they would be paying, so that they can see their downgrade isn’t able to be below that baseline.

That way, they can see how they are receiving the best service. This depends on your industry and the relationship you have with your client.

Internet business, as with most business, is a dog eat dog world. So if you are able to max out everything you give your client who is always looking to downgrade, then good luck swimming in a pool of trouble. This type of client needs to know how much the plan & services you've gifted them are the most valuable.

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