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Video Production Services

Creative videos can tell your brand's story, and connect with your customers to engage them to do business with you. Our creative shoots consist of interview, and creative shots, which together both tell and show your story. Incorporating customer testimonials, and real life examples of your brand in action, customers will see you at your best.


Creative shoots are billed at $250 per hour, and we can create approximately 30 seconds of final video per hour shoot. Here's a pricing outline: 


30 sec video = 1 hour shoot ($250) 

60 sec video = 2 hour shoot ($500)  

90 sec video = 3 hour shoot ($750)

3 min video = 4 hour shoot ($1,000)


We can also create Vlog posts and YouTube videos providing scripted content, at more efficient pricing.

We can usually create 2-3 of these (60-90 second) content based scripted videos per hour.

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