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Top Trends of 2017 That Shaping Android App Development Market

As we have noticed that the mobile app development landscape in 2017 focuses on seeing the continuous emergence of new, advanced, and cutting-edge techniques and tools along with the growth in traditional technologies and techniques.

Whether it is Android or iPhone app market, it is expected that the new developments will take shape in both the mobile-first enterprise scape and the consumer arena with ongoing buildup across enterprise mobility and increasingly unwieldy app stores promising significant changes.

Moreover, it is expected that in coming years, the Android market will expand more as there are many trends that have been introduced this year for android app developers to adopt. If you are also going, to begin with your android application, you should consider these trends in your mind.

Here’s Look at the Top Trends of 2017 that Shaping Android App Development Market:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence AI will surely make a big mark in both the construction techniques of mobile apps and in increasing their capabilities. Most of the recent AI news comes from industry pundits rousing up angst about AI bots taking over developer jobs.

As per many analysts and industry experts, Artificial intelligence (AI) will be used for various purposes like embedding chatbots into retail applications, adding built-in smarts to traditional enterprise apps like ERP and integrating with context-aware smart sensors. Here, you can see what you can expect when it comes to AI and mobile apps in the upcoming year.

The vice president of Gartner and fellow David Cearley says that intelligent apps will be one of the top ten strategic trends for 2017. He talked about more than just virtual digital assistants, which make common tasks like prioritizing email easier.

Rather than this, he sees them built into every single category of android application in the enterprise, particularly marketing and ERP. Gartner is extremely strong on AI everywhere that it expects most of the 200 biggest companies in the world to have developed intelligent apps by 2018.

Enterprise App Development

These days, the lines that separate our work and personal lives are blurred. In fact, there is likely a virtual line in our smartphone sandboxing the two. At the same time, mobile applications are instantly turning into a locality of the working lexicon.

So, businesses should adopt android based enterprise application for their business as these apps are software platforms that are big and complex. Android enterprise apps are developed to either combine or interface with other enterprise mobile apps that the company uses.

Moreover, they are mainly developed with the aim of execution to many different networks, devices, and operating systems; however, they are still developed with administrative management and security capabilities. This is the reason why enterprise mobile apps are important and app developers have aimed the rewards.

Internet of Things (IoT)

It is expected that by 2020, there will be more than fifty billion connected devices. And it is six connections per each living person on Earth. Today, we are simply obtaining started. For example, the connected home went through in 2015 with smart refrigerators, sensible security systems, and even good door locks.

For every single connecting factor, it is must be an application powering it. Thus, developers should be attentive about what hardware apparatuses a chip will move into and how it may advantage someone to track and manage that factor remotely. The main aim here is to remodel IoT science projects into marketable products.

Increased Focus on UX

A popular and successful app groups from designing to development have realized that the with the increased expectations of today’s users, the user experience must be at the forefront. Eventually, to develop a more successful and popular android application, it is important for developers to comprehend the core principles of UX.

Hence, developers should take the initiative to collaborate some extra with UX designers. Complete transparency and clarification must be sought regarding the vision; however, as engagement is the main key of the application and it is also essential for UX designers and developers.

If you will not deliver the most effective user expertise, an application will instantly replace with varied apps that really did take the time to optimize the UX. Along with the firming communication between developers and UX designers, there is another solution that developers will execute to help prevent the death of their app.

Search within apps

Another fascinating android trend is an in-app search that is completely wonderful as this feature will allow you to find any content you need on your phone. No like other features, search feature in Android smartphone or tablet will show Google search bar within the apps that you have already installed.

Any application will enable you to search the content on the phone just using one

keyword. So far, Google has integrated the new feature into popular apps as Gmail, Spotify, and YouTube. However, developers have promised to extend the number of applications supporting in-app in the nearest future. In this year 2017, android app development trend is expected to be among the hottest ones.

So, these are the top android app development trends of 2017 that you should adopt and make an application successful on the web. Instead, you can hire a professional android app development company that has a specialized team of android app developers to comprehend your requirements and deliver an outstanding solution.

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