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Unrealistic Expectations of SEO May Push You to the Back of the Line

Many companies today hire online marketing companies for an SEO campaign and are so excited about working with them. The only problem is they have an unrealistic timeline of how fast SEO will get them to page one of Google.

It happens all the time. Businesses hire an SEO company, ask a million questions, sign up, and when the following week or month rolls around, are ready to cancel because they aren’t seeing results. SEO is not like Google Ads. SEO takes time. Any trustworthy marketing company will tell you that. Do you have any idea of how many keywords are in Google’s index? Millions upon millions! Do you know how many businesses are doing SEO for the exact business that you have? You guessed it, millions upon millions. So, take a back seat at complaining that you aren’t on page one in a week or even a month. Picture yourself at the DMV waiting in line to get to the front only to be sent to another window. You have to wait your turn. Eventually, you will get there, but you can’t walk up to the window and demand service. If you do, you can rest assure that you will be thrown out fast especially if you don’t have all of the correct documentation in play, You will be sent to the back of the line. Same goes for SEO. The way it works with Google to get to page one and stay there takes a lot of work. If you fly to page one from being non existent, that will raise a red flag. Google will inspect your site, and you could be penalized heavily and possibly thrown to the back of the line with a million of other businesses. There are proper procedures that need to be followed correctly. Any marketing company that promises you’ll been page one in a week or a month is slipping the wool over your virgin eyes. Don’t fall for it folks. They are just in it to take your money.

So how long does it take SEO to work? To rank on page one of Google will require you have some key factors into play. If all goes well, you can see some significant movement in a month, but to get to page one will be between 3 - 6 months. Once you are there, SEO has to be continual because Google is consistently coming up with algorithms that change how you are ranked. Sometimes even the best of the best fall to page 2 or 3. It happens. Your SEO company should be aware of the new Google regulations and be able to get your rankings back in a month or so.

Things You Should Act on After Signing Up for SEO:

For starters, your site needs to be optimized properly. If you have a marketing company asking you for content with keywords, and you are lazy about getting it done, you’ve just set yourself back. Spare the sad story about SEO doesn’t work. You can only blame your shortcomings if you ignore their requests or drag your feet with this. Some companies will be willing to write the content for additional fees, then have you proofread it prior to going on your site. The sooner it’s done, the faster your chances at getting the work done to rank.

Your marketing company will meta tag pages, title tag pages and so forth for Google to pick up your keywords. Once again, if you wait to give the SEO company the info to get into your site to add these things, you’ve just cost yourself valuable time for your rankings. Sometimes clients won’t respond to any phone calls or emails from the marketing company. A month goes by, it takes another week or so to get all the info, then the work begins. Then the client is frustrated because they don’t see any movement. Well, that’s because they delayed the process, and now they are blaming the SEO company and say that they aren’t working out. Stopping the campaign at this point is even more useless because you’ve not only wasted time but money as well. You will end up at the back of the line starting from scratch, all the while looking for another company to fill the gap. You can guarantee that your competitors, who are consistent with their SEO, are reaping the benefits and laughing all the way to the bank!

Don’t let this happen to your business. Get in the game and be a team player by getting all the info to your marketing expert when they ask.That way you’ll get a real timeline of how long it will take. Sit back and wait about 3 months. If you have chosen the right company, the results will show!

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