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If you are frustrated with Instagram, don’t give up. Instagram is an important tool for social media marketing, and, when used properly, it delivers well-qualified website visitors and loyal customers.

As you take a look at your current Instagram account, look closely at the ads. If those showed up on your feed, would you stop to look?

It’s Worth Investing in Upping Your Game

Instagram sees some 95 million new photos and videos added to the site every day. It has 500 million monthly users and 300 million people who log in and interact with the site every day. Those are big numbers that you cannot ignore.

Here’s another important statistic: an estimated 70 percent of all U.S. companies will likely use Instagram marketing by 2017. These are your competitors. They will do this in a variety of ways: by collaborating with some of the biggest Instagramers available, by using the video platform, or by buying native ads. Do you really want to be part of the 30 percent who aren’t using this tool? Most likely you don’t want to be left out.

You’re frustrated. We hear you. A lot of companies have limited time, limited budgets, and limited interest in spending their time focused on learning the latest app or social media site. Yet, with so much potential, you’ll want to put your time in here. The question is, why isn’t your Instagram campaign thriving?

The Reasons You May Be Frustrated

Take a look at a few common mistakes companies make when using this tool for marketing. With a bit of help and tweaking, you can improve your Instagram ads to get far better results.

#1: Your Bio Doesn’t Answer the “Why” Question

Ravi Shukle at Post Planner offers a clear description of the importance of your bio. “Your Instagram bio is like your website homepage – you need to make sure you make a great first impression.” Take a look at your bio. Is it engaging? Does it tell the reader why they should care about your company? Here are some tips to make it even better:

Don’t make it about you. It needs to be about what you and your products can do for your followers. It must describe the philosophy behind your products or services.

You’re missing the link! If you don’t have a link, how can people connect with you?

Notice this bio example. It’s clear, simple, and provides easy access to the company’s website.

Here’s a look at GoPro’s:

#2: Your Creativity Is Lacking, Big Time

As you look through your Instagram, how often do you stop and really look at something? Your mind is absently looking for something visually stunning, interesting and totally unique. You aren’t looking for a specific statement from a company or even a company logo or product. You’re looking for something that gives you a reason to pause.

Apply this to your current Instagram marketing campaign and be honest. Are you creating visually stunning and interesting content? Is your image one that will cause people to stop and think, “what’s that?”

How do you make that possible?

• Ensure all of your photos are sized properly. It’s best to choose images that are 1280px by 1280px and that feature a square orientation. It just looks better.

• Get the resolution right. There’s nothing more annoying that an out-of-focus image.

•Use color. Be creative with the design. Don’t go with a boring image or an obvious ad. This Instagram, for example, makes you stop and think, “Wait, what is in that image?” You stop, you look, you take a second look, and then you act on it:

#3: You Haven’t Targeted the Right Audience (or Any Audience)

Have you defined your audience and outlined who your ideal buyer is? How can you possibly create ads that get attention if you don’t know who you are trying to attract or what is going to lure them in? Put simply, you need to do your homework.

It’s always important to use Instagram analytics to understand your ideal customer or reader. With social media listening tools, for example, you can learn what people are saying or talking about within your industry, what’s trending, and what’s important to them. And, with social media analytics tools, you can turn that chatter into actionable steps that drive people – the right people – to your website or blog.

Land Rover knows its audience is all about the luxury outdoors, which makes this National Parks theme fit in:

#4: You Must Be Consistent

A Pew Research study found that more than half of all millennials use the site each day. According to Nate Elliot at Forrester Research, “Yes, Instagram is still the king of social engagement,” which means that people interact on this site quite often. That’s good, but with thousands of companies tapping into the Instagram masses, you have to do a lot to make an impression.

Consistency is king. If you want people to recognize your brand and learn about your ideas, motivations, and goals, you simply need to use the site on a constant basis. A report from L2 Instagram says that 92 percent of luxury brands that post 5.5 times a week on average to the site increase their customer base by doing so. A good goal is to post at least one time a week. It will provide you with the ability to interact with your clients frequently enough to be remembered day-to-day.

Yes, it sounds like a lot of work, but it is worth the effort because, frankly, Instagram gets the attention of customers and encourages them to interact. The key is engagement, consistency and brand-building photos that get people to stop, take it in, and remember. By following these tips and using LiveWebMedia as your social media analytics tools resource, you can effortlessly improve the success of every image you post to the site. Let LiveWebMedia help you to make this possible.

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