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Drive more customers to your front door.

Drive your customers directly from your website to your doorstep — and engage them in the Uber app with a targeted brand experience while they’re en route with Ride Share and Trip Branding.

LIVEWEBMEDIA can now Help customers get to your

front door.

Generate a “Ride With Uber” link right from the Yext Location Cloud. Then add that link to your location pages, email marketing, and other digital communications, making it easy for customers to visit you in person — with a single tap.

We Will Create an engaging branded experience.

Engage customers during their rides using Uber’s new Trip Brandingfeature. This enables you to link from within the Uber app to a local offer, special, or destination of your choice during their ride.

Pinpoint precise drop-off points.

Specify the precise drop-off point for Uber drivers, so the customer arrives at precisely the right entrance, and not the mailing address or parking lot.

Find out how to use Uber to bring customers directly to your store. We will create a “Ride with Uber” link right on your website, location pages, email campaigns, and more.

Engage customers during rides with Uber’s new Trip Branding feature.

Specify the exact drop-off point for Uber drivers, so your clients’ customers arrive at precisely the right location


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