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Hit Play - SEO on Your YouTube Video

Everyone is well aware how much impact that YouTube can have on your business.

If you are a business owner in Newport Beach, your rankings could greatly improve if you have a YouTube channel and utilize its strengths with SEO in Newport Beach. In fact, if you have a YouTube account and you've uploaded a few videos, why not have SEO done on your videos and link them back to your website. Once you've done video marketing in Newport Beach, the SEO gets you ranked. You'll receive a steady stream of targeted views from Google.

This is a not as easy as you think. Ranking anything requires a deep understanding of Google's search algorithm. So why not let an online marketing expert get the job done for you?

Unless you are an SEO guru . That's where we come in. LiveWebMedia to the rescue.

We know how to create the right content for YouTube videos and how to technically optimize them. YouTube marketing in Newport Beach is a great way for video to be found by millions of people who scan the Internet everyday. A great video always catches the eye and with the help of SEO you can't go wrong.

Create great video content that drives awareness for your brand and traffic to your site.

What you might not be aware of is the middle section - the ranking factors. If you've got a massive YouTube following all you've got to do is publish great content and the rest will take place automatically. If you don't? Then you've got to jump start the ranking factors by creating them manually. Not meaning exhausting people with spamming techniques but taking extra time to create perfect ranking signals for YouTube and Google.

Picture your YouTube marketing as an old car with a manual transmission. To get that engine to turn over automatically you've got to push it down a hill first. With SEO from LiveWebMedia, it's like adding a jetpack to that transmission.

Remember that video content is extremely vital. The first area that people fail is the videos they're creating. YouTube isn't a Victoria's Secret website. You can't make purchases in the platform. Then why in the world would you create sales videos? Duh??!!!

It's perfectly fine to use YouTube to host your videos, but people don't give a hoot about your new product.

YouTuber's are seeking content to help them solve problems, learn skills, watch cat videos and waste time. In order to get that automated steam of views, focus your content accordingly.

Here are some perfect examples and what they will help do:

Tutorial videos (setting up Analytics Goals or Events)

How-to videos (how to rank your ebook in Amazon)

Review videos (product reviews, business reviews, etc)

So the next time you want your YouTube video to get ranked properly on Google, Call the your affordable online marketing gurus in Newport Beach! LiveWebMedia will help you with your upward spiral! (949) 885-0132

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