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Bardia Helmi


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Bardia Helmi

Project Summary

Our latest collaboration has been with Bardia, an entrepreneur who wished to turn his passion for predicting MMA fights into a profitable business.

As a budding business, Bardia had yet to establish a brand identity, lacking even a logo or social media presence.

We initiated our partnership by designing a logo that encapsulates the essence of his business. Subsequently, we developed a website for him, featuring a members-only area.

This exclusive section serves in-depth information and statistics for betting on MMA fights, accessible to customers through a monthly auto-billed subscription.

Once the website was fully operational, we pivoted our focus to establishing Bardia's social media presence and implementing an SEO strategy. Our dedicated marketing team took on the responsibility of setting up and managing his social media accounts, significantly contributing to brand visibility and recognition. In just six months, the social media platforms have begun to generate a steady influx of traffic, drawing in new subscribers.

Additionally, our intensive SEO efforts have resulted in several keywords achieving a page 1 ranking on Google, further enhancing the website's visibility and reach. This case illustrates our comprehensive approach to digital marketing, including logo design, website development, social media management, and SEO optimization, all aimed at comprehensive brand development and growth.

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Client Reviews

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Alen is the best!!! He created a website for me years ago and is the only person I would trust to build another! They also have really innovative social media solutions.

If you want someone to care for your project as much as you do contact Alen!




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