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    Of all the different ways we have to communicate with our customers, email has the potential to be one of the most effective and engaging. Email is a channel you can fully control, a way to speak to your audience one-on-one, and a medium that allows for endless creativity.


    Newsletters and email campaigns are powerful content marketing tools, though their potential is easily lost – deleted, unread, or unopened. Average open rates hover at about 25 percent across industries, while click-through rates are under 5 percent. But there are ways to rise to the top, get read, and drive readers to your desired course of action.


    That’s where great design comes in.

    Effective design grabs attention, directs the eye and – most importantly – motivates your reader to positively respond to calls to action (CTAs). Your email content should educate, inspire, and add value to your subscribers’ inboxes. But the best of the best looks great, too.


    To bolster any aesthetic and drive more click-throughs, consider these five design elements in your email newsletters.


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