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How Can Good UX Impact Our Day-to-day Lives?

UX, UI Design

User experience, or UX, is something that has gained a lot of traction in recent times. Companies are constantly working to enhance their product’s or service’s user experience and make it seamless across all platforms. User experience has many great benefits when it is done right, and most customers focus on the UX of a product before thinking about anything else.

With a horde of technology products around us, we are constantly interacting with them, and this makes user experience a noticeable thing. Moreover, the impact of user experience and design is also high for all apps, playing a pivotal role in success.

In this article, we'll talk about how something called "user experience" or UX affects our daily lives when we use technology. Think about all the gadgets and apps we use every day; they all have something to do with UX. It's a big deal because it can make or break how well these things work. So, you need to focus on what makes a good user experience and how to solve problems related to it

So, let’s start by understanding the meaning of a good UX.

What does it mean to have a good UX?

The primary aim of UX is to provide a great experience to the users who interact with any product. The better the experience, the more likely it is that users will be more associated with the product.

A good UX means that users can make their way through the product, like an application, easily, and they don’t need to be trained repeatedly for the same thing. When people start using a new product, they are not sure how things work. But if you can provide an experience that makes them feel comfortable and familiar with the product, your users will surely praise it. Developing a good user experience is hard for the team, but its results are remarkable and long-lasting.

Knowing what good UX means, let’s find out how it impacts our lives and day-to-day activities.

How does a good UX impact our lives?

1. Improved product usability

The user experience that is developed after deep research on the target audience and market improves the product’s usability drastically. When the product usability is improved, it becomes easier for anyone to start using it with minimal instructions, and the products are more widely adopted in the market.

Suppose you are developing an application for old people to help them take notes and remember things. The only way your application will succeed is if it is extremely easy to understand and use. Such apps need to be to the point, accessible, and should not be filled with various animations or gimmicks that might be hard for the audience to understand. When you design a product with such simple features, more and more older people will adopt it.

2. Better customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction plays a pivotal role in the success of any product. If your customers are not satisfied with the product, no amount of creativity or innovative materials will help you achieve satisfaction. Good UX can aid in increasing customer satisfaction.

When customers understand the product well and can explore it without referring to self-help documents or asking other people for help, they'll surely stick to your product. Considering the same example of a note-taking application for older people, your audience will stick to your app and be more satisfied with the services if you keep the design simple and seamless throughout the application, helping to get the desired work done in time.

3. Highly accessible

Good UX keeps in mind the challenges of people and makes the product more accessible and easy to use for everyone. UX helps in creating products that are highly accessible for everyone with disabilities, and it also helps people with no disabilities use the product alike.

Building on the same note-taking example, you can make the fonts in your application larger than usual so that older people can use the product without their glasses, introduce NLP, voice search, etc. that helps them at any time. Moreover, anyone with limited vision can also use the product, which makes it highly accessible to everyone.

4. Brand loyalty

When you come across applications that provide an awesome user experience, you are likely to keep using that application, and this results in increased brand loyalty. The best example of brand loyalty is the Apple iPhone. While the iPhones may not be stuffed with the latest and best features, the people who use them have great brand loyalty to Apple and their iPhones because of the products' overall ecosystem, user experience, and easy-to-use factor.

Brand loyalty is great for customers and companies alike. While increased loyalty means that the company has an established and trusted audience, the company can keep innovating and enhancing its products. On the other side, customers benefit from the latest innovations tuned to their reliable products, which makes a perfect recipe for successful products.

5. Increased productivity

When a product offers a good experience when using it, there are fewer frustrating moments, and this surely increases productivity. Such products help in completing tasks faster, and this helps unlock the best productivity levels. We don’t have to spend time learning elementary things about the product or making the same mistake repeatedly.

6. Saves time

A good user experience helps save a lot of time and effort. Suppose you are browsing an eCommerce app, looking to buy something. If the app has necessary features like search, sort, and filters and provides an easy-to-use UI layout, you can quickly find your products, add them to your cart, and make a transaction. All this takes less time in a well-designed product, and it is quite hard in apps with poor user experience.

7. Increases sales

While every company wants to increase sales, providing a good user experience surely makes a significant difference in sales figures. The better the user experience, the more customers you’ll attract, and it will positively impact your product sales. It was uncovered in research that companies that invest heavily in UI and UX have higher sales than companies that don’t invest sufficiently in market research.


User experience is an important aspect, and whenever you are building a product, you should give ample thought to this. The presence of good UX may not be praised many times, but its absence will be sung forever. That is why you should have a good UX, as it impacts our daily lives too. There are various areas where we praise or curse UX daily, and we also saw some of them in the sections above. So, keep them in mind while building your next product.



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