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Boost Your Page Speed - Why is it Important

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

If a customer or client visits your site and spends most of their time waiting for the page to load, what do you think will happen? After waiting for three or four seconds, your client or potential customer will leave and most probably never visit your website again. Nobody likes websites that take more than a few seconds to load.

You know the feeling you get when you have to open multiple boxes to find out what your gift is? You have to wait till you open the last box, the tiniest box. That’s the same feeling your visitors get when waiting for your page to load fully.

Page speed is important not just because you don’t want your visitors to get impatient but also because it means your site is efficient and offers a good user experience. It makes every visit pleasant and memorable. As a result, visitors will want to check out your page (and site) again; they may even encourage their friends and colleagues to do the same.

There are many other reasons why boosting your page speed is a must. Aside from giving visitors a user-friendly experience, it is also one of the most important SEO strategies. So, if you want your page to rank, you’ll have to apply search engine optimization strategies to boost your page speed.

Boosting your page speed will increase your page views and improve your conversion rate. It will strengthen your online presence. Shoppers and online bankers will love transacting with you if your pages load less than two seconds.

If you want to capture the smartphone/mobile market, boosting your page speed should be the first thing you should do. If mobile users are happy with your load speed, it won’t take long before you can get their loyalty. Visitors and buyers are loyal to websites that help make things easier.

Here's an infographic that shows you the multiple benefits you will enjoy if you boost your page speed to give you a clearer idea of how valuable fast page load speeds are.


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