The restaurant owner who asked for 1-star Yelp reviews

How one small business owner flipped the online review ecosystem on its head. In 2014, chef Davide Cerretini advertised a special that would forever change his fate: Anyone who left his restaurant a 1-star review on Yelp would get 25% off a pizza. See, his Bay Area-based Italian joint, Botto Bistro, was at a crossroads. Like many small businesses, it was enslaved to the whims of online reviewers, whose public dispatches could make or break its reputation. He’d had enough: It was time to pry the stars from the “cold, grubby hands of Yelpers” and take control of his own destiny. But the move would set Cerretini at the center of a long-standing battle between Yelp and disgruntled business owner

Why Small Business Owners Have a Love / Hate Relationship to SEO

Search engine optimization is a relatively new marketing strategy that has emerged over the last 10 years. At first it was a fairly obscure practice that was limited to optimizing the website HTML code for rapid digestion by search engine spiders. SEO has evolved very quickly as the market has matured. Today, successful SEO campaigns are a mixture of technical development, content marketing, backlink building, social media and email promotion. If this makes SEO sound complicated, that's because it is. As a result, many small business owners have a love-hate relationship with SEO; they're not entirely sure what to think about the practice as they approach digital marketing strategies and how

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