LiveWebMedia is a 2019 Los Angeles City Excellence Award Winner

The results are in! LiveWebMedia has been awarded a 2019 Los Angeles City Excellence Award by UpCity. Out of 624 marketing service providers in Los Angeles, we were selected as one of the top 20 based on our UpCity Rating, which measures digital recommendability by reviews, search score, domain authority and more. By having our services listed on UpCity and featured as one of the top 20 agencies in Los Angeles, we’re able to cut through the noise, standout and create trust with prospective buyers. It’s an honor for us to be represented on the City Excellence Award List. The infographic below goes more into detail on what makes a great agency in Los Angeles and stats that highlight Los An

Why Your Website (Might) Suck and How to Fix It

Put simply, there’s a distinct possibility that your website might suck. Perhaps you’re painfully aware of the many sins your website is guilty of committing or maybe you’re blissfully oblivious. Either way, let’s take a step back and hold a magnifying glass up to each facet of your web presence. When our team objectively critiques websites, we assess them based on ten very important rules that we believe must not be broken. So, get comfortable, pour yourself a cup of coffee (or a nice ‘adult beverage’, we’re not judging!) and begin to embark on the journey to abolishing all your website woes! 1. Always be responsive Your website needs to be 100% responsive. This means it displays appropriat

5 Website Updates to Boost Conversions

With design trends and marketing tactics changing so rapidly, the days of leaving your website untouched between redesigns are over. If your website conversions are dwindling or your marketing campaign results are stagnant, it may be time to (re)evaluate your website. A continuous improvement approach can help you extend the life of your site and reap the benefits of new web features. Continuous Improvement Unlike a traditional model where you wait until the next redesign in 3-5 years, a continuous improvement approach involves evaluating and testing your current site’s marketing performance and then making small updates in order to meet new marketing goals and increase conversions. However,

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