Page Managers love tools, here are our favorites for Google+

Welcome to your last bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. I hope this has been an informative and helpful series for you, and would welcome the opportunity to help your business get more out of Google+ by scheduling a quick call with me if we haven’t talked already! In the meantime, here are Steady Demand’s favorite tools for G+, in addition to what Google provides in your page’s Google My Business Insights and through Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools: Circloscope - a Chrome extension for bulk circle management CircleCount - free stats about your page, it’s also really good for finding your older posts Brand Page Audit Tool - our own tool to make sure your page is pro

Cross-posting is a no-no, do this instead

Welcome to your ninth bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. You have probably heard how important post formatting is, as well as +mentioning sources. It’s part of the best practices culture here on Google+, and also boosts your visibility and credibility on the platform. When you pre-write posts to schedule using third party tools, you can pre-write using your *bold* _italics_ and -strikethrough- formatting but you can’t +mention people. Until you learn this trick: Go to the profile of the user you want to +mention (or just find them in a comment). Right/Option click on their name in a post or comment, then select “Copy link address”. Paste the link into where you are writ

It’s all fun & games until your boss makes you prove ROI

Welcome to your eighth bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. Have these been helpful so far? Hit reply to let me know. If posting as a page or profile (tip 1) was the most-asked question among business owners on Google+, tracking ROI is the second. You should look past traffic and sales for ROI, and focus on these metrics instead: Mentions and shares of your content by other people Overall engagement (+1’s, comments, shares) and follower growth Sustained engagement even if you pull back on your posts Changes in organic queries (via Google Webmaster Tools) Pro tip: you can track traffic by adding campaign tracking to your Google Analytics and share a shortened URL to your c

Demystifying Google+ circles

Welcome to your seventh bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. This one is about circles, because circle management is a complex topic especially when your business is starting out on Google+. As a business you really only need a handful of core circles: Team members Content/News sources Brand Advocates/Customers Influencers/Experts Prospects (which will probably be more than one circle) Pro tip: Turn on notifications for prospects, and have your team members turn on notifications for whichever circle they place your company page in. That way they can help share your Google+ posts, and you can keep tabs on the people who are important to your business. This is just a primer

What's the value of Google+ Communities?

Welcome to your sixth bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. I moderate communities on Google+ whose memberships exceed 200K. I know a thing or two about communities, especially how companies can use them for their advantage. Building your own community takes time and work, unless you are using Google+ communities privately (for example, a beta tester group). Instead, think about how you can share your expertise with other community members through commenting and building rapport, which ultimately leads to those members adding you to their regular circles and extending the relationship outside the community. That should be your goal, not to prospect or pitch. And building r

Don’t let circles overwhelm you!

Welcome to your fifth bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. Circle management is a key element to growing your follower base on Google+, by finding engaged users on the platform and engaging back with them. For the actual tip, though, we’re going to send you straight to an interview we did with one of our team members, Christine DeGraff, who is also the co-founder of the circle management tool Circloscope. The interview outlines the value behind circle management and also how her simple method (based on engagement) can increase your traction on Google+. Read the interview here. Next up, a tip about using Communities to build authority grow your follower base. Stay tuned, a

G+ Page Manager Tip 4: A Super-easy engagement routine

Oh, you mean we have to be social? Welcome to your fourth bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. How do you like these so far? Are they helpful? Hit reply and let me know. Engagement is one of the keys to growing your follower base and gaining traction on your own Google+ Page. Not just engaging with the comments on your own posts, though; no, you have to get out there and stick your nose into lots of conversations, which gets you noticed, and eventually followed. Do this every day: Search a relevant hashtag and leave at least 5 comments on other people’s posts. Try to go beyond “great job!” and add some insights, or ask questions. Go into your communities and welcome newco

G+ Page Manager Tips

Welcome to your second bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. This one is about making your company page stand out when someone clicks over to it to learn more about you. There’s a difference between Brand pages and Local pages. On Brand pages, you have a tagline (max 40 characters) and Story section, where you should add links to lead-gen pages, sales and support channels, and also tell your audience what types of circles to put you in. Local pages, at this time, have neither tagline nor story, however, you can add links to lead-gen pages, sales and support channels, and tell your audience what circles to put you in by editing your Description in the Google My Business das

Three to five posts per day seems to be the sweet spot

Hi again ALEN! Welcome to your third bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. Based on our experience, 3-5 posts per day by company pages seems to be the sweet spot for discovery, visibility, and engagement. That said, posting is only a start; you need to bring people to your conversations through sharing, mentioning, and commenting. We’ll get into these in subsequent posts. Do this everyday as a baseline posting strategy: Share 1-2 pieces of your own content to your page. Reshare someone else’s Google+ post into a relevant community, along with why you thought it was useful to that community’s members. Ask a question in your introduction to spark conversation, and remember t

G+ Page Manager Tip 1: Why post as your page in the first place?

Welcome to your first bonus tip from the Free Guide for Google+ Page Managers. I moderate one of the largest communities on Google Plus dedicated to businesses, and we field this question a ton, so it had to be our first tip for you: “It seems easier to get traction on my profile than my company page, so how do I balance the two?” The answer comes down to three words: Subject Matter Authority. People follow your profile for different reasons, but they follow your business because they are interested in the topics you post about. So, if you focus your company’s entire Google+ presence around connecting with people who are interested in your company’s area of expertise, you build strong semant

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