Top Trends of 2017 That Shaping Android App Development Market

As we have noticed that the mobile app development landscape in 2017 focuses on seeing the continuous emergence of new, advanced, and cutting-edge techniques and tools along with the growth in traditional technologies and techniques. Whether it is Android or iPhone app market, it is expected that the new developments will take shape in both the mobile-first enterprise scape and the consumer arena with ongoing buildup across enterprise mobility and increasingly unwieldy app stores promising significant changes. Moreover, it is expected that in coming years, the Android market will expand more as there are many trends that have been introduced this year for android app developers to adopt. If

Tell It Online

Did you know that you have the power to reach millions of people to advertise to them? Did you know that most people use their mobile phones to look for deals and services? That's why it is extremely important to have an online set up for all of your marketing needs. If you are looking for an online marketing company in Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, or Irvine, and have trust issues, look no further. LiveWebMedia Newport Beach is here to assure you that you would not only have great customer service, but great results for online marketing in your area. These days, a bargain or a deal is only a click away. Here at LiveWebMedia, we know how to set your company up for those mobile shoppers and he

Making Your Small Business A Success: Tips On How To Get Started

Photo via Pixabay by FirmBee Starting your own business takes a lot of hard work and preparation, and without a good, firm plan, the entire thing can fall apart before you’ve even had a chance to get started. It’s important to do some research and think about every contingency before making any decisions, and get some backup from friends, family, or someone who has already been through starting a business of their own. Sit down and make out a list of all the things you’ll need to get started. Think about overhead costs, employees, funding, a website, a business license, how you’ll handle storage and shipment if you have a physical product, and what your budget is. Do some research online to

Unrealistic Expectations of SEO May Push You to the Back of the Line

Many companies today hire online marketing companies for an SEO campaign and are so excited about working with them. The only problem is they have an unrealistic timeline of how fast SEO will get them to page one of Google. It happens all the time. Businesses hire an SEO company, ask a million questions, sign up, and when the following week or month rolls around, are ready to cancel because they aren’t seeing results. SEO is not like Google Ads. SEO takes time. Any trustworthy marketing company will tell you that. Do you have any idea of how many keywords are in Google’s index? Millions upon millions! Do you know how many businesses are doing SEO for the exact business that you have? You g

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